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22 November 2023

The Philanthropy Symposium 23

A morning of Philanthropic
22 November
08:00 am- 12 noon

Join us for the Philanthropy Symposium 23, where we will explore the next evolution of philanthropy in Ireland. Our Symposium will feature insightful talks from various leaders in the field, as well as opportunities for networking and collaboration. This is a unique space to learn more about philanthropy in Ireland and how strategic giving can impact society. 

The Conference
Conference Mingling
Brought to you by Philanthropy Ireland

Philanthropy Symposium 23 is an event hosted by Philanthropy Ireland that aims to bring the Irish philanthropy community together to support good giving. Our Symposium focuses on empowering individuals and organisations to make a positive impact through their engagement with philanthropy. To learn more about Philanthropy Ireland visit 








We are proud to welcome inspirational speakers from across Ireland and beyond to share their insights on philanthropy and empower our attendees to make a difference in their communities. Watch this space as we continue to announce more speakers.
tomar 3.jpg

Tomar Trust

Caroline McGlaughlin

Graham Clifford
Symposium MC


Register here

While this is an invite only event, we encourage all of our members to invite their Trustees as well as their own Donors and supporters to the Philanthropy Symposium, with the aim of facilitating a connected and engaged community of philanthropic interests.

To avoid the need for individual registration, organisations can secure additional places under your organisation umbrella by selecting the number of tickets required at the link below.
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