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The Conference
16 October 2024
8am-1pm        Tangent Centre, TCD
Join us at Philanthropy Symposium 24 and be part of Irelands philanthropy movement. 
Innovation is the spark that ignites change, collaboration is the key that unlocks doors to new possibilities, and activation is the force that propels ideas into action. 
Together, we can harness the power of creativity, unity and determination to drive meaningful and lasting transformation in our communities and beyond.
Let's come together, share our knowledge, insights and experiences, and inspire one another. Your presence at this Symposium is not just an attendance - its a commitment to being a catalyst for change and a champion for a more compassionate and equitable world. 
Join us at Philanthropy Symposium 24 and let's create a future filled with hope, possibility and positive change. 
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Brought to you by Philanthropy Ireland

Philanthropy Symposium 24 is an event hosted by Philanthropy Ireland. Our mission at Philanthropy Ireland is to champion Irish philanthropy and inspire a dynamic philanthropy community.

The annual Philanthropy Symposium, now in its 7th year is a celebration of Irish Philanthropy and a catalysing force for change within the philanthropy community. This annual event is for members of Philanthropy Ireland, members of the wider philanthropy sector and policy makers looking to support this sector.

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We look forward to sharing with you the inspirational speakers from across Ireland and beyond who will join us for Philanthropy Symposium 24 to share their insights on philanthropy and inspire participants to drive meaningful and lasting change in their communities.

Watch this space as we announce speakers.

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Members of Philanthropy Ireland receive a 50% discount on tickets, please email to receive your discount code.

Tickets are available for staff, board members and supporters of philanthropy organisations, individual and aspiring philanthropists, policy makers looking to engage with philanthropy and those who support the philanthropy sector. 

Please click below and provide a few basic details to access tickets.
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