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Empowering the next Evolution

Let’s shape the next evolution of philanthropy together!


Networking breakfast

Enjoy an opportunity to network with guests and explore the Tangent building over a coffee and pastry.


Welcome and Opening Panel

Our MC for the day will open the Symposium and welcome our 3 panelists.

This panel will reflect on the successes, challenges, and learnings from the last 25 years of giving in Ireland and examine ways we can propel the social change mission of philanthropy for the next ten years. 


Concurrent Breakout Sessions

1. Giving Models: this session will focus on different ways of giving and the challenges and opportunities that come with them. The panel will explore the building and breaking of endowments, trust-based philanthropy and does giving larger sums equal larger impact? 

2. Giving Global: In a world where philanthropy has fewer borders and operates on both an international and national level, this session will look at adaptability of giving models. How are foundations incorporating local cultures, issues and leaders into achieving meaningful social impact and addressing challenges to effective cross border giving.  

3. Crises Giving: over the last few years there has been little respite for the nonprofit sector when it comes to crises. Philanthropy has played a significant role in supporting people out of crises. How does this challenge philanthropic models? Are we reverting to traditional models of giving or has philanthropy evolved to provide creative solutions to crisis situations?  


Coffee Break

Continue the discussion from the breakout sessions with colleagues over a coffee.


Next Generation Philanthropy

Empowering the next evolution must include empowering the next generation of philanthropists. How have the early paths philanthropy has forged paved the way for new philanthropists? In our modern era where issues of environment, housing and cost of living are repressing an entire generation, how are those with wealth capacity responding? As the gaps in society grow wider and at speed, have we put too much pressure on the shoulders of the next generation philanthropists to solve major crises? Or will the next generation be the ones to break down barriers and rebuild what the future of philanthropy will look like?   Enjoy an engaging Q and A with working in their family foundation. 



Q and A with speakers

We will bring together the speakers from the breakout sessions for a final Q and A with participants.

12 Noon



Our CEO, Éilis Murray will close out the session with some final reflections on the morning. 

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